From Magazines To Restaurants... Conde Nast Licensing Magazine Names For Restaurants

from the well-there's-an-idea dept

I'm not sure how well this will work, but it does seem like an interesting experiment for publications to expand their revenue streams. Magazine publishing giant Conde Nast is setting up an entirely new division to focus on licensing its magazine names for restaurants. There's the GQ Bar & Grill and the Vogue Cafe, for example. The focus right now is not on the US market, so these won't be appearing here, but in places like Hong Kong, Dubai and Moscow. Of course, the general idea isn't new. As the article notes, Playboy has famously licensed its brand all over the place. However, it is an interesting recognition that a publication's brand has additional value beyond the publication itself. So what do you think? Techdirt Cafe? Anyone want to license that?

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