NAMCO Demands Takedown Of Pacman Game Created By Kid Using MIT's Scratch Programming Language

from the create-your-own! dept

An anonymous reader sends over the story, found on Reddit of how Namco Bandai sent a letter complaining that a kid recreated Pacman online using Scratch. If you're not familiar with it, Scratch is a very simple programming "language," basically designed to teach kids how to program (or think about programming) from a young age. And what's one of the best ways to learn to program? It's to recreate an app that already exists. But that's not allowed:
The really obnoxious part is at the end, where it says "While we appreciate the educational nature of your enterprise and look forward to the contributions of the future programmers you are training, part of their education should include concern for the intellectual property of others." Apparently propaganda about copyright is more important than actually teaching little Johnny how to program?

This is how kids learn. They recreate what they know. Kids learn to play music by copying the music that they know. Many learn to draw by copying drawings that they see. They learn to write by copying the writers they like. This is how education works. But in a world where copyright trumps all, learning takes a back seat apparently.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 3 Aug 2010 @ 8:38am

    this is what i would do

    when i'm learning new languages, i often take examples of other programs for "inspiration" or simply to see the syntax.

    if i were to *ever* get a notice like this, i would take a trip to the lawyer's office. wait outside and get some pictures of him as he left his office. get some pictures of him as he got in his car (with license plate). follow him home and take some more pictures of his home, complete with mailbox number.
    i would then send him a nice reply saying :
    "thanks for the message, glad you liked my example of X. it would be a shame if anything happened to you in your car on the way home from the office. education is far more important than $$, if you sue over this--i'll be broke, but i bet that you'll be far worse off than me in the end.
    kind regards"

    after all, eye for eye right?
    threaten my livelihood, and i'll respond in kind.
    i can guarantee that the first report you see of a copyright lawyer being sent to a hospital will immediately cause the rest to carefully consider how they take and handle these cases in the future.

    these "laws" are just legal ways to gain a monopoly, and i hope that one day i get targeted so i can put my above plan in effect.
    aww hell, maybe i'll just do it anyways since someone has to be first.

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