Can The Operators Of A Site Targeted By Homeland Security Crowdsource A Defense?

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We've already covered the bizarre story of Homeland Security effectively working for Disney in seizing some domains of sites that were used to file share movies (way, way, way outside of Homeland Security's mandate), and covered the sneaky attempt to defend those moves by conflating copyright infringement online with counterfeit drugs being sold online. It's also still not clear that Homeland Security even has the legal right to seize those domains as it did. Now, one of those sites targeted by Homeland Security, NinjaVideo is trying to fight back, and appears to be trying to crowdsource a legal defense fund to handle the fight. I honestly don't know anything about NinjaVideo or what the site did, so I have no idea if it has a strong or weak case. I also do wonder how many people will really step up and support the site -- though if many do it could make for an interesting case study on its own as well. Either way, it's worth watching to see how successful the site is in raising money for its fight -- and then in the legal fight itself.

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    Karl (profile), 26 Jul 2010 @ 4:36pm

    Re: Re:

    for examples Karl's recent total debunking of the core argument you made

    I'm all verklempt now.

    Honestly, I once believed as Joe did about copyright (legally, not ethically). Then I did research, which led me to more research, and I realized that I was completely wrong. If it worked for me, maybe it can work for others.

    Also, debating this stuff really makes you learn a lot about it. I like to learn stuff, I like to share that learning.

    I also like to hear myself talk, of course.

    So, to Joe: I'll keep debunking your claims, or I won't, and we'll both learn stuff. But no more venomous posts about how we're all just a bunch of worthless thieves. Deal?

    (I'd also say something like "leave Mike alone," but that would probably give you a mental image of me in mascara, under a blanket, sobbing into a webcam. That's a mental image we can all do without, so good thing I didn't say it.)

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