Author Puts Novel Online For Free... And Gets A Book Deal

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alex was the first of a few of you to send over the story of how author Marta Acosta posted her "young adult vampire novel" online for free at Scribd, where it became a top download with tons of great reviews... and that helped her get a book deal with Tor, who will be publishing the book in hardcover shortly. Once again, another example of how "obscurity" is a bigger problem than "piracy" for most content creators.

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    Corey, 14 Jul 2010 @ 6:35pm


    AC, I think the $5,000 he is referring to is the advance, so profits can go above that. Still, most authors do not make as much as many people think (unless they are published by a major New York publisher). And it's not "Hollywood accounting," it's just the fact that most books are not selling hundreds of thousands of copies.

    I'm a history author who has been published by mid-sized presses (usually University Presses) and it's not something you're likely to make a living at. For the few that do it's about bulk. Publish a book a year and hope that a few of the books go through many printings. The combined royalties from all of the books may allow you to quit the day job and focus on writing.

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