Author Puts Novel Online For Free... And Gets A Book Deal

from the but-free-never-works dept

alex was the first of a few of you to send over the story of how author Marta Acosta posted her "young adult vampire novel" online for free at Scribd, where it became a top download with tons of great reviews... and that helped her get a book deal with Tor, who will be publishing the book in hardcover shortly. Once again, another example of how "obscurity" is a bigger problem than "piracy" for most content creators.

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  1. identicon
    Marta Acosta, 14 Jul 2010 @ 4:26pm

    Re: Interesting and Jay's comments

    Marketing yourself is different for fiction and non-fiction writers, but there are ways to make yourself more attractive to agents and publishers.

    Editors at major publishing houses will not look at a submission unless it comes from an agent. So you won't get a bidding war. (Exceptions to rule: land a plane in a river.) An editor or agent may seek out an author if that author has developed a large following. Say, you're very successful in your field and profiles are written about you in major magazines. Yeah, me neither.

    However, I wrote about well-known people for major publications. It's harder now that newspapers are collapsing, but you can write online about something related to your story. You can start a blog, which is what I did, to promote yourself and your writing. Invite guests, play nice, take advice. Work on your writing. Work some more. Keep working.

    If you've written non-fiction, offer to speak on the topic to community groups and schools. Add that to your query letters to agents. Say "I have x number of visitors to my site every day, and I'm a sought-after speaker to blah, blah, blah."

    Nope, I don't recommend putting your whole book online. That was an irrational, impulsive act. Hey, if I was sensible, I'd be able to have a real job. With benefits and vacations days and I could call someone to fix my damn computer.

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