Author Puts Novel Online For Free... And Gets A Book Deal

from the but-free-never-works dept

alex was the first of a few of you to send over the story of how author Marta Acosta posted her "young adult vampire novel" online for free at Scribd, where it became a top download with tons of great reviews... and that helped her get a book deal with Tor, who will be publishing the book in hardcover shortly. Once again, another example of how "obscurity" is a bigger problem than "piracy" for most content creators.

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    Dark Helmet (profile), 14 Jul 2010 @ 7:50am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Interesting

    "Wont work. You cant GET an agent UNLESS you have an offer an interested publisher."

    That's not strictly true. You can get an agent w/o a publishing contract, though it is EXTREMELY difficult. And you have to be an absolute God at writing query letters....

    "if you are new/unknown, how are people supposed to get to know your work?"

    Seems like an excellent job for social media. I know that I'm going to be sending a status update out telling people where to get Echelon for free on DocStoc later today. Part of that will include a request that if they read it and LIKE it, I'd appreciate them also doing a similar status update on Facebook letting their friends know where to get it. The hope is that, at some point, you reach a critical mass of people enjoying the work and reposting it. It's all predecated on whether or not the book is actually good....

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