Author Puts Novel Online For Free... And Gets A Book Deal

from the but-free-never-works dept

alex was the first of a few of you to send over the story of how author Marta Acosta posted her "young adult vampire novel" online for free at Scribd, where it became a top download with tons of great reviews... and that helped her get a book deal with Tor, who will be publishing the book in hardcover shortly. Once again, another example of how "obscurity" is a bigger problem than "piracy" for most content creators.

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  1. identicon
    RD, 14 Jul 2010 @ 7:37am

    Re: Re: Re: Interesting

    "The best thing you can do is hire an agent who starts a bidding war for your work and makes different editors clamor to see it."

    Wont work. You cant GET an agent UNLESS you have an offer an interested publisher. Its chicken-and-egg. As an new, unknown, unpublished author, you cant just run out and get an agent, it doesnt work like that.

    "However, with Scribd or any other free service, you're effectively taking away an option for an agent. In this case the book was damn good. With unknowns, this really isn't the best way to get known."

    Possibly, but then again, if you are new/unknown, how are people supposed to get to know your work? How about, instead of putting the entire first book up on a place like Scribd, put up half the book, or a large excerpt? There are new ways now than the traditional "send a manuscript to ONE publisher and wait up to 18 months for a reply, if you get one, then if not repeat with the next publisher" as it used to be.

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