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HideTechdirt is off for the long weekend! We'll be back with our regular posts tomorrow.

Google Tries To Make It Easy For Anyone To Create Android Apps

from the will-apple-do-that? dept

While Apple continues to want to act as a major gatekeeper for apps on the iPhone, Google continues to go in the other direction with Android. Its latest trick is to release a super simple GUI interface for designing personal apps for Android phones, with the idea of making it easy for anyone to create some software. This has been the holy grail of quite a few projects over the years: this concept of "situated" software. To date, most of the attempts to create such programming tools haven't gone very far (or, at the least, haven't been as widely adopted). Most of those tools have been for the desktop or the web, so it will be interesting to see if it's a different situation for smartphones. I would imagine one of the biggest barriers is mental, not technical, where people who just aren't programmers never even think of the idea of creating their own software. Still, it will be worth watching to see if anything useful comes from this offering. I like the fact that one student testing the program created a "LifeAlert-type" "Help, I've fallen!" app already, which uses the accelerometer on the phone to sense if someone is falling, and then automatically dials a number for help...

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  1. identicon
    CrushU, 13 Jul 2010 @ 1:34pm

    Re: Re: Geeking out a bit

    I do want to clarify that I don't think this is in general a bad idea or a bad thing, just that there are temptations inherent in creating something like this that can cause it to become convoluted and unusuable.

    Indeed, there are a few examples of where it works. (I can even think of a couple of games that used this concept.) And come to think of it, this is a pretty smart move, because at some point, new coders will want to do something this new tool doesn't allow with its building blocks, so they will look at the actual SDK for building more complex designs.

    The only warning is that saying that this interface prevents developers from making code that is more convoluted is not true. Trust me, people will make things convoluted in any programming language, even gui-based ones. :)

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