Guy Who Isn't Even Being Sued By US Copyright Group Files Response To Lawsuit

from the um...-that's-not-going-to-work dept

As a court is about to hear oral arguments concerning the legality of one of US Copyright Group's (really law firm Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver) lawsuits which attempt to lump thousands of alleged file sharers into a single lawsuit, something odd has happened in response to US Copyright Group's most famous lawsuit against 5,000 people accused of sharing the movie Hurt Locker. Despite the fact that no one has yet been identified in that particular lawsuit, some random guy has stepped forward and filed a response to the lawsuit, supposedly in "protest." It seems like a pretty weak protest, however. In fact, the guy says he does download some files, but didn't even download Hurt Locker. And, on top of all that, he seems confused. During an interview with, he also says that he was trying to "take a stand against file sharing." In the end, this seems like it's all a really weak and confused publicity stunt by a guy who is apparently running for some form of public office. The courts will likely make this one disappear quickly.

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