New Zealand Media Claiming That Huge Local Film Success Story Is Being Harmed... By 200 Downloaders?

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Reader Matt Perryman points us to a bizarre story down in New Zealand, which he claims is all over the news. Apparently, a local movie, called Boy, has been a huge success -- having the third most successful box office of a New Zealand film ever. Not bad, right? But, months after the film has been out in the theaters, it's now been leaked to the internet, and suddenly the media frenzy is about just how much this is "costing" the filmmakers. No evidence (at all), is presented. They just claim that a leak like this will cost a million dollars. Even more amusing, at the time these reports came out, they said that the movie had only been downloaded 200 times. But, if you look at the comments on that article, a ton of them are thanking the publications for letting everyone know the movie was available for download. Of course, many of the commenters are also pointing out that they don't live in New Zealand, and there was no way for them to see the movie otherwise... meaning that those downloads aren't losses at all. But, it seems the reporters never bothered to mention that rather important fact.

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    Thomas (profile), 24 Jun 2010 @ 12:57pm

    Two Things -

    1. A reporter repeats something somebody said - a guy from the so-called "New Zealand Federation Against Copyright Theft" (no agenda there) estimated that some other film that was leaked "lost" a million dollars. And they toss this number around like it's a fact. Prove it. Publish your financial statements. Let's see the facts that prove you were going to make $X from your movie, and that because of it being available on the internet you made $X - 1,000,000. Bring on the data that differentiates between the people who downloaded it and didn't buy it because they thought it was crap, and the people who downloaded it and then went to the theatre or bought the DVD because they thought it was good. Surely you must have this data handy or you wouldn't glibly toss around million dollar estimates of losses, would you? 2. This movie is one of the highest grossing New Zealand films of all time, has been released for three months, and it still is not available internationally or on DVD?? What are they waiting for - all interest in the film to completely die off? The internet is doing their promotion for them - getting the film to people who can't see it in the theatre or buy the DVD. And those people want to see it; they want to buy the DVD and they can't. If this movie loses anything, it will be because of they have under-served their audience. A potentially world-wide audience wants to see it, and they put all their effort into making that difficult, and complaining when a few people take the initiative and seek out their locked-up movie.

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