Help Has Arrived For Australians Worried About 'Spams & Scams' Coming Through The Portal

from the filter-this dept

We recently wrote about how Australian Minister for Broadband, Stephen Conroy, lover of government censorship and surveillance over the internet, had his "series of tubes" moment when he declared that 20,000 people were "getting infected by these spams, or scams, that come through, the portal." Not one to miss out on an opportunity, it appears that an Australian consumer electronics firm, Kogan, has decided to help out Conroy and all those other "victims." Reader cofiem points us to a new product listing specifically for making Australians safe from "spams and scams that come through the portal":
See, Conroy? No regulations needed... Maybe you can work out a deal with some of those charities sourcing mosquito nets...

Update: As pointed out in the comments, they've also put together this fantastic video commercial for it:

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  1. icon
    nasch (profile), 23 Jun 2010 @ 7:14pm

    Re: Re: Re: Unexplored Issues

    You must be oblivious to the junk mail, telemarketing calls, viagra emails, lottery winning emails, that you receive

    Physical junk mail goes in the recycling, but I think that's outside the scope of this discussion. I get few telemarketing calls (surveys and charitable organizations only) and very little spam. But I don't pay anything for antivirus or spam protection, and yes I'm talking about Windows. It can be done for free.

    Do you believe that everyone has a right to interrupt you at their whim to sell you stuff? If you don't like it, that you have to pay for "protection".

    If you're talking about phone calls, then I'm happy to say there's a government program in the US that actually works. Seriously! It's called the Do Not Call Registry. You sign your phone number up and telemarketers aren't allowed to call you. Skeptical? I was too, but the calls dropped to zero after I signed up. I hope every country with this problem considers this if they haven't done it already.

    Where do you live? What's the situation there regarding telemarketers?

    If you're talking about the internet, then A) that doesn't interrupt me B) no, I don't have to pay and I also don't have to put up with it and C) I have not heard of any way the government would be able to solve this problem.

    Now I went back and looked at the post again and saw that C may not be relevant either. Is Conroy talking up some plan to filter or censor the internet to protect against this stuff, or just urging citizens to protect themselves? You know, from the spams and scams. Coming through the portal.

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