Once Again, The Justice Department Fails To Tell Congress About Its Wiretapping Activities, As Required By Law

from the who-watches-this-stuff dept

The Justice Department sure doesn't like oversight -- even when it's required by law. Julian Sanchez points us to the disturbing news that, despite being required by law to report to Congress each year on "the number of pen register orders and orders for trap and trace devices applied for by law enforcement agencies of the Department of Justice," it appears that for many years the Attorney General has delivered no such report. This has happened before as well. In 2004, the Justice Department dumped five years worth of reports on Congress, and it appears it did so again in 2009. Meaning that Congress did not get the interim annual reports. That would mean that for five year periods, Congress -- who is supposed to be overseeing such surveillance activity -- has not been doing its job, effectively allowing the Justice Department to do what it wants with such surveillance efforts. And, remember, this is a Justice Department that has already been found to have massively abused surveillance activity beyond what the law allows. Doesn't that make you feel safer?

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    Bruce Ediger (profile), 17 Jun 2010 @ 7:29am

    Wow, no trolls on this thread.

    Hey, neither "anonymous coward", the e e cummings stylist, or the ex-Anti-Mike have bothered to comment on this one.

    I call upon Techdirt to "out" trolls who get enough "report" buttons pushed on them. Publish times-of-day and IP addresses for trolls' comments.

    At the very least, identify "Anonymous Coward" posts by something that maps to an IP address (maybe plus salt to avoid brute forcing things like SHA hashes). This allows those of use with 1 identity to figure out if one "Anonymous Coward" poster is the same as the other (e.g., is the e e cummings troll the same as the ex-Anti-Mike troll?).

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