DailyDirt: It's Not So Simple To Get To Mars...

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The shortest distance between the Earth and Mars varies depending on where the two planets are in their respective orbits. In July 2018, Mars will be a little under 36 million miles away (pretty close to the closest possible distance of 33.9 million miles). However, it's not quite as simple as shooting a big rocket aimed in the right direction. If astronauts are going to survive the trip (and the return?), no one has the technology to do that yet. Manned space exploration sounds like a noble venture, but funding it seems to be a big problem. After you've finished checking out those links, take a look at our Daily Deals for cool gadgets and other awesome stuff.

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  1. identicon
    Vel the Enigmatic, 30 Jun 2015 @ 8:38pm

    Re: nuclear power

    How long does a Martian Day last? That's a big factor in how much solar energy can be collected and stored.

    -and it seems to me you don't care about safety.

    That's the biggest reason most people don't want to use nuclear in space. Cause if something goes wrong, people will die if it isn't adequately dealt with as swiftly as possible, and depending on the total number of crew, having even one person die could be devastating to the mission, considering most would be specialists in particular fields.

    Mars may not be habitable normally but what good does it do us if we end up irradiating parts of it? It just mean less places that would be safe for building colonies.

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