WHO Exaggerated H1N1 Flu Problems, After Consulting With Consultants Working For Pharmaceutical Firms

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The deeper you look at the pharmaceutical industry, the more and more ridiculous it seems. Pharma has abused patent laws greatly for many years (even though many of the roots of the industry come from areas that refused to allow patents on drugs... until some companies got too big and wanted to limit competition). The latest news is that the World Health Organization apparently has been dinged for exaggerating the H1N1 flu threat... in part because they relied on pharmaceutical industry insiders for information. Guess what they suggested? Stockpiling a limited supply of super expensive pharmaceuticals, which were so super expensive thanks to patents limiting competition. Part of the issue is that the goals of the pharma industry are not at all aligned with basic public policy on health care. The incentive structure is entirely screwed up. Pharma has no interest in making sure people are healthy, but because sometimes its drugs happen to do that, as a side effect of making money for the industry, officials falsely believe that pharma execs should have some sort of say in public health policy.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 10 Jun 2010 @ 7:46am

    who did what it needed to do, h1n1 spread rapidly, and was agressive enough to be causing death in many older people, etc. essentially nobody had any immunity to this virus, as it is a new strain far enough removed from other existing strains. so even if it was not fatal to most healthy adults, they adults were a vector for spreading it to the elderly, the young, and the infirmed, all who would find the disease fatal in a significant number of cases. the risk of h1n1 was actually pretty high. the fairly rapid worldwide response to the situation, the vacinations, and other actions taken to rapid quarantine anyone thought to have the disease kept it from quickly sweeping through the population. hindsight is 20/20, and they are looking at things like unused vaccines and wondering why they paid for it. it looks more like idiot politicians covering their own asses rather than any issue with the who.

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