More Casinos Succeeding With The 'That Jackpot You Won Was Really A Computer Glitch' Claim

from the doesn't-seem-right dept

Over the years, we've seen a bunch of stories about people winning computerized games in casinos, only to be told that the prize was a glitch, and the casino wouldn't pay (or wouldn't pay nearly as much). It seems to happen pretty damn frequently. Slashdot points us to the latest example, of a couple who thought they had won $11 million from a slot machine, only to have the award reduced to $1627.82 after the casino, and the state gaming authority, determined that it was a glitch. According to the casino:
"The $11 million was what we call a 'reset value.' It's what the jackpot would have been after the prize was claimed."
That article notes that a similar situation happened back in March, with a $42 million prize being taken away. Given how frequently this seems to happen, isn't it about time someone got to working on all these "glitches"?

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    Rose M. Welch (profile), 7 Jun 2010 @ 2:33pm

    Re: Re: Wow...

    That's not correct. You're assuming that the player won the bet, and the Casino is attempting to renege on that. It's simply not the case.

    It's as though you were playing poker with six decks, and when everyone showed their hands, there were thirty aces on the table. Obviously, there's been an error, and the player with the winning hand didn't actually win anything.

    In some cases, the player didn't win the bet. They lost the bet but thought they won, and now they are sad. I bet Dewey was sad, too, when he thought he won. Unfortunately, when the ballots were checked, he lost.

    In this case, the player did win the bet, but not for as much as they thought they did. The analogy in the comment below is a very good one:

    If the computers at your bank have a glitch that tells you there is $11M in your checking account, should they have to make good on that? Or do you chalk it up to error?

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