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Court Says Police In Ohio Can Just Guess How Fast You Were Going And Give You A Ticket

from the evidence,-please? dept

Forget faulty speed cameras. Don't worry about police just guessing when they can't quite make out your license plate on a red light photo. Fear not the police who misread driving through a green light as running the red. Over in Ohio, apparently a court has said that police don't need any real evidence at all to charge you with speeding. They just need to make a "visual estimate" in their own judgment as to whether or not you were speeding:
In a 5-to-1 ruling, the court said an officer's "unaided visual estimation of a vehicle's speed" is strong enough to support a ticket and conviction. A radar speed detector, commonly used by patrolmen, is not needed, the court concluded.

"Independent verification of the vehicle's speed is not necessary to support a conviction for speeding," assuming the officer has been trained and certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy or similar organization, Justice Maureen O'Connor wrote for the court's majority.
That won't be abused at all...

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    Peter Blaise Monahon (profile), 10 Jun 2010 @ 5:39am

    "your cynicical suggestion of a profit motive" hahahahaha

    I was stopped for speeding in Maryland, US, kept quiet all the way through the ticket, and as the cop walked away, I decided to be bold. I mentioned to the cop that he never said anything about safety. He turned and said, "We understand each other completely."

    In other words, speeding tickets are not for safety, otherwise the cops would drive in traffic to dampen people's speed.

    It's all about revenue.

    In Arlington County, Virginia, US, the driving safety class instructors tell us to avoid Arlington during our probation because the police give tickets on a whim regardless of our behavior on the roadway ... because they are incentivised by the one with the most tickets choosing their vacation days first. If a cop wants Christmas off, they must beat all other cop's ticket numbers.

    Speeding tickets have nothing to do with safety.

    Speeding tickets have everything to do with revenue.

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