Big Time Patent Attorney Jumps Into The Patent Trolling Game By Buying 4,500 Patents From Micron

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I recently had a conversation with a patent litigator for a big name law firm. He tends to work on the "defense" side of things -- defending tech companies against lawsuits from patent hoarders, who he felt were causing serious problems for innovation. That said... he admitted that watching how much money folks make by hoarding patents and suing big companies for actually innovating, it's really tempting to get into the game. At some point, your resolve wares down, and you realize there's just so much money to be made abusing the system, that it's difficult to resist. We've seen that a lot. In fact, two years ago, we wrote about how many of the new generation of "patent trolls" were former patent lawyers themselves, who felt it was better to make money abusing the system directly, rather than being a hired gun for some other patent hoarder.

In our recent post about Erich Spangenberg, he admitted that was part of his reasoning. After working for a big law firm for a bit, he decided it was more lucrative to own the patents and sue everyone himself, rather than just being a lawyer working for others. In that article, Spangenberg also mentioned that Micron had recently sold a bunch of patents to a well-known patent attorney, John Desmarais. That story is now getting more attention, as Bloomberg has an entire article about Desmarais jumping ship from his big law firm to buy 4,500 patents from Micron and put them into a new firm that will be used to demand money from lots of tech companies.

It's hard to read the article and not be depressed. Here's someone who clearly knows how the system is being abused, and rather than fight for a better system, he decides to abuse the system himself. Such is the state of our broken patent system.

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  1. identicon
    FUCK LAWYERS, 4 Jun 2010 @ 5:03pm

    @4 HI LAWYER

    yup we got our own lawyer troll trying to tell any human what you just did is well wasted cause its clear if someone buys 4500 patents without resources to build anything all there doing is gaming to get rich off things, and never innovate off and build or build on any of the patents they just bought

    SO in the end the ONLY REAL SOLUTION is to stop anyone buying anyone else's patents and if you want it built convince a banker its worth a loan and GO FOR IT

    other wise your invention should and is useless to mankind or too obvious then frak you

    AS TO LARGE holders of inventions if after a 3 year time you do not build anything of it as you have the resources too build. THE PATENT TIME should go poof,

    EASY GET BUSY MAKING the lawyers some work drawing up lawspeak

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