Confusion Over Liability Extends To The Real World, Rather Than Just Online

from the sue-sue-sue-sue dept

Reader jjmsan alerts us to a story that shows that various luxury brands suing service providers rather than those actually responsible doesn't just happen online, but can happen offline as well. Apparently, luxury goods maker Coach is suing the city of Chicago, because some vendors were selling counterfeit goods at the Maxwell Street Market. I'm at a loss as to why suing the city makes any sense at all. In response to the original complaints, the city sent police officers to the market, and actually arrested those selling counterfeit goods (why this is a criminal, rather than a civil, matter is left as an exercise to the reader). Either way, rather than recognize that the city appeared to be more than willing to work with Coach, the company sent a legal threat letter demanding that the city proactively crackdown on counterfeits. When that failed, Coach sued the city. Hopefully the courts will recognize the ridiculousness of suing the city, rather than focusing on the vendors actually responsible.

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  1. identicon
    out_of_the_blue, 26 May 2010 @ 3:38am

    The downplayed "exercise" is the real story.

    "(why this is a criminal, rather than a civil, matter is left as an exercise to the reader)" -- Because The Rich control the police, and in short, under the emerging corporate feudalism, whatever The Rich say is a crime, police and prosecutors *make* a crime. The incidents only look odd if you are under the delusion that the freedoms of the 20th century still exist, when from everywhere, we're being restricted by corporate powers and our former public servants.

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