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23:15 Arsenal, The UK Football Club, Sues Arsenal Cider House, The Pittsburgh Bar, Because Of Course It Would (22)
16:38 In Leaked Recording, Austin Police Chief Tears Into Commanders For Fatal Shootings, Use Of Excessive Force (29)
14:37 The Senate Summoned The Wrong Time Warner To Talk About AT&T Merger (21)
13:06 Utilities In Florida Are Using A Fake Consumer Group To Hamstring Solar Competition (12)
11:46 As Expected, FCC Passes Modest Privacy Rules For Broadband Providers, ISPs Act Like World Has Ended (13)
10:44 EU Advocate General Declares That Hotels Don't Need To Pay Copyright License To Have In-Room Television (12)
10:37 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle (0)
09:31 Why Wikipedia Is Worried About Global 'Right To Be Forgotten' Delistings (20)
08:14 Hollywood Accounting Back In Court: How Has Spinal Tap Only Earned $81 In Merchandise Sales For Its Creators? (68)
06:08 Comcast Joins AT&T, Files Lawsuit Against Nashville To Slow Google Fiber (26)
03:07 Alibaba's Boss Says Chinese Government Should Use Big Data Techniques On Its 'Citizen Scores' Surveillance Store (19)


23:01 Car-Freshener Wields Little Trees Trademark To Bankrupt Non Profit That Helped Ex-Cons And Recovering Addicts (31)
16:08 Off We Go: Oracle Officially Appeals Google's Fair Use Win (14)
14:38 Facebook's Arbitrary Offensiveness Police Take Down Informational Video About Breast Cancer Screening (19)
12:58 Google's Quiet, Confusing Privacy Policy Change Is Why We Need More Transparency & Control (44)
11:45 Pissed Consumer Sues Reputation Management Firms Over Their Bogus Lawsuit/Fake Defendant/Takedown Scams (34)
10:43 Google Fiber Announces Layoffs & Deployment Pause, Will Likely Pivot To Wireless (22)
10:37 Daily Deal: Novice to Expert Java Bundle (0)
09:39 The Reason The Copyright Office Misrepresented Copyright Law To The FCC: Hollywood Told It To (42)
08:27 Yahoo Asks James Clapper To Please Let It Talk About The Email Scanning It Did For The Government (27)
06:23 Netflix CEO Wary That AT&T's Latest Merger Could Hurt Streaming Competitors (31)
03:23 With Interest In Profile Defenders' Questionable Lawsuits Rising, The Lawsuits Start Falling (20)


23:23 Kuwait Backtracks On Mandatory DNA Database Of All Citizens And Visitors (11)
17:00 ACLU Sues Government Over Unreleased FISA Court Opinions (3)
15:28 As The Cubs Head To The World Series, The Team Is Also Raging Against Single-Word Trademarks (11)
13:35 Free Open Shared: A Conversation With Me About Copyright At Wikimedia (12)
13:08 Techdirt Podcast Episode 96: Death Knell For Software Patents (3)
11:56 New Docs Detail How AT&T Planned To Profit Massively By Helping Law Enforcement Spy On The Public (23)
10:46 Shameful: Perfectly Reasonable Academic Book On Gene Kelly Killed By Bogus Copyright Claims (32)
10:40 Daily Deal: VPN Unlimited And To Do Checklist Bundle (0)
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