Because Nokia And Apple Aren't In Enough Patent Lawsuits...

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Ah, the patent nuclear war in action. After Apple roundly destroyed Nokia's reputation as being the leading innovator when it came to smartphones, Nokia got petulant and sued Apple for patent infringement. In response, in typical patent nuclear war fashion, Apple turned around and sued Nokia back for patent infringement. Nokia's response? Find some more patents and sue again and also use the ITC loophole to get two shots at Apple with the same patents. And why stop there? Now that there's an iPad on the market, Nokia has sued Apple yet again for patent infringement. Isn't it great to see how two companies compete in the courtroom rather than the marketplace? Just like the creators of the patent system intended...

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Companies: apple, nokia

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  1. identicon
    Owen, 10 May 2010 @ 7:26am

    Re: Competing where?

    Ironically, had nokia sued apple from the get-go with the first infringement on the iphone when it was first available instead of letting it become a hit in the marketplace, the iphone wouldn't exist, lol

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