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by Mike Masnick

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novell, sco

SCO Says Jury Didn't Really Mean What It Said... And Judge Should Order Novell To Hand SCO Unix Copyrights

from the good-luck-with-that dept

SCO really is quite the zombie of a company, isn't it? It just never dies. It's been a month since getting smacked down yet again and having a jury declare that Novell still owns the Unix copyrights, and they were never transferred to SCO (after a judge had already said the same thing). And yet, as Slashdot alerts us, SCO has now told the judge he should order Novell to hand over the copyrights anyway. Talk about getting desperate. When will SCO finally be put out of its misery?

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  1. icon
    Miles Barnett (profile), 30 Apr 2010 @ 3:26pm

    Re: SCO

    Hey George, Christopher Wright summed up SCO's argument in his Help Desk comic: The Real Legal Argument Revealed

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