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Eric Goldman alerts us to an interesting response by Method Products, a small natural cleaning supply products company, after receiving a cease & desist letter from cleaning giant Clorox (pdf), demanding that Method stop using a daisy in its packaging on certain cleaning products because of Clorox's trademarks on "Green Works," including the use of a yellow flower, related to Green Works products. In response, Method set up, with a little poll asking people "who should own the daisy" with three options: Clorox, Mother Nature or Method. Nicely done.

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  1. identicon
    Del Boy, 30 Apr 2010 @ 2:23am

    Clean it up

    Using anything that is not specifically designed & unique for a logo is just wrong.
    If it were a stylised flower picture - designed to look like a flower but having specific design qualities that make it unique would maybe pass.

    I have seen companies use things like trees etc for their logos - but they are stylised to look a specific way - so as to make the brand easier to recognise, the logos themselves are not an acurate representation of the subject matter.

    Me thinks Clorox has crossed a border here in trying to trademark something they do not own nor have designed or invented. shows that Clorox has the least support on this. But still I don't see Clorox doing much with the Daisy just now so maybe they have decided to backoff.

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