Avatar Blu-Ray Customers Not Enjoying Their DRM-Crippled Discs

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The film studios apparently should have spent as much time making sure their DVD new release DRM actually works with popular Blu-Ray players as they did on their new 28 day new release delay scheme. Avatar, which of course Netflix and Redbox users now won't be able to rent for a month, was released on DVD last Friday. While the title's hype and box office success easily translated to disc sales records, AdamR writes in to note that some customers were rewarded for their purchase by finding out the disc wouldn't play on many Blu-Ray players. While some users are able to fix the problem if they can manage to download new firmware that plays nice with the new Avatar DRM, new firmware for players like the Samsung BD-UP5000 doesn't (and may not ever) exist. It's almost as if the studios are trying to perfect the art of annoyance when it comes to Blu-Ray -- something that has helped contribute to the platform's less-than-anticipated adoption rates. While DVDs have always been loaded with unskippable crap (that ironically pirates don't have to deal with) newer Blu-Ray DVDs seem to enjoy taking this to an entirely new level -- with even more unskippable previews, promotions and warnings downloaded to your player via broadband.  Somehow the studios continue to believe that layers of seemingly-endless annoyances (DRM, delaying new releases, unskippable "features" -- none of which pirates experience) are actually going to help keep piracy at bay and physical media relevant forever.


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  1. identicon
    Prince Manjee, 27 Apr 2010 @ 7:22am

    Re: but its already been pirated

    Logical and concise Kyle. The fact is I saw my room mate watching the copy he downloaded DAYS after we went and saw it at the IMAX.

    Trying to defuse a bomb that has already gone off is just another example of poor strategies by the film industry leaders. Like the record companies and RIAA left a HUGE gap in the market for iTunes to come in, this is the gap the MPAA will have exploited as soon as someone with a lot of money and a little balls comes to market with a workable platform. HULU was a good start in the right direction, but until you can force the hand of the studios or educate them on the technologies of the 21st century pirates will continue to exploit the stupidity of the members of the MPAA.

    The movie it self has value thats why customers want it, however their methods of distribution add negative value to the product their by making it "cheaper and easier" to acquire through other means.

    Also if you plan to make someone watch 20 min of commercials just to watch your movie then don't charge for it. But If I just paid you $20 for a disc then I should have bought the right to put that disc in and hit play without any obstruction.

    As some one noted earlier, the pirates do not put up with high prices, commercial offerings, or DRM crippled distribution. Why would any one CHOOSE to be a paying customer if it is more easily accessible and cost effective to pirate? In most cases of black market offerings the cost is higher and acquisition is more difficult, that is not the case with digital goods.

    Too many film industry execs with MBA's and JD's and not enough with common sense and a set of balls.

    But as long a they push their failed business model, the demand on pirated materials will remain high and as such the pirates will supply that demand.

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