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As Murdoch Puts Times Online Behind A Paywall, Competitors Happily Plan To Stay Free

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As Rupert Murdoch is getting ready to put paywalls on two of his UK publications, The Times of London and The Sunday Times, his competitors are remaining adamantly free online. The Guardian, for example, has been a loud and proud supporter of free content, and now the Daily Mail Online is standing by its free online site by noting:
"A pay-wall MIGHT make a little money -- we will make a lot."
The management of the paper explained that people don't pay for news -- they've paid for the convenience of paper, but that online news will likely remain free -- and that they're big enough to make advertising pay well. In fact, it seems likely that if Murdoch locks up his content behind a paywall, that will only drive more readers to sites like The Daily Mail and The Guardian and boost their ad revenue...

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    mikex (profile), 28 Apr 2010 @ 1:20am

    Murdoch's 'Paywall'

    I don't know whether this has been discussed here. All you have to do to find a paywall protected Wall Street Journal story is copy and paste the headline on the story- even off the link that gives you the truncated version of that story-go to google search, pop the headline in the search blan and you will find the ENTIRE story therewith. Even the links with the truncated dead-ends on line like Slatest Morning News, can be retrofitted to get the entire story. Google, probably holding the WSJ to the letter of the legalities, is responsibile. I wonder if the Murdoch people are even aware this is true.

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