Match-Fixing Scandal Hits South Korean Video Games

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Online gaming is massively popular in South Korea, so much so that its popularity among teens -- and their propensity to stay up all night playing them -- is seen as serious social problem. But the country's professional gaming leagues have been hit by a match-fixing scandal in which players and officials have allegedly taken bribes (via the BBC) from gamblers to throw games of StarCraft. The incredible popularity of StarCraft, and other online games, in Korea has created enough interest to fuel illegal gambling sites that bet on the outcome of matches between the country's 12 pro teams. The maker of StarCraft, Blizzard, has been trying to take a cut of the TV revenues generated from the matches, a move that wasn't well received in Korea. It looks like that spat might get precluded by the crumbling of the pro league.

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  1. identicon
    English Teacher in Korea, 20 Apr 2010 @ 7:33pm

    Take everything you read on the Korean Times with a huge grain of salt. The KT works with the Anti English Spectrum to harass foreign English teachers working in Korea. They've helped have laws passed so that teachers are HIV and marijuana tested, followed, and our trash gets gone through while they look for used condoms. Pretty juvenile stuff but with actual repercussions.

    It's like posting a link to Fox only if Fox also posted British Page 3 girls. They also take AP articles and mark them as KT originals. At least they've stopped posting Weekly World News articles as their own.

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