DailyDirt: Computers Are Editing Our Double-Plus-Ungood Content

from the urls-we-dig-up dept

More and more digital media is being edited and prioritized in datacenters by intangible algorithms. As usual, this can be good and bad, depending on how the technology is used. On the one hand, algorithms can do laborious tasks that humans don't want to do. But at the same time, algorithms might introduce all kinds of errors or inadvertent biases on a scale that no group of humans could ever accomplish without automation. Here are just a few links on bots tinkering with online content. If you'd like to read more awesome and interesting stuff, check out this unrelated (but not entirely random!) Techdirt post via StumbleUpon.

Filed Under: algorithms, artificial intelligence, automation, bias, bots, earthquakes, journalism, labor, media, scoop, wikipedia

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  1. icon
    John Fenderson (profile), 8 Apr 2014 @ 8:11am

    Re: Re: Re: vandalism-by-bot on Wikipedia

    Myspace is still "highly popular"??

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