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by Carlo Longino

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AT&T More Upset About Stupid Analyst Report About Its Network Than Actual Network

from the forest-for-the-trees dept

AT&T is apparently "miffed" that a recent report from a research firm said that it carries less data traffic on its mobile network than either Verizon or Sprint. Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to figure out exactly why the company cares so much. AT&T has been much maligned for its network's inability to keep up with iPhone users' data (and sometimes, voice) demands; perhaps the company is concerned that ranking third in overall data traffic will somehow push the perception that its network is underpowered even further. AT&T's own analysis of mobile data traffic shows it carries more than half of US mobile users' data, it says -- which is great. But that figure doesn't matter much to an iPhone user who can't connect to the network or whose device doesn't live up to their expectations because of spotty coverage. And those users' stories are probably much more persuasive among consumers than some pretty meaningless stats.

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  1. identicon
    vastrightwing, 15 Apr 2010 @ 9:27am

    Same old folks ruining the same old network

    Isn't AT&T the old SBC, aka Cellular One, aka Cingular, aka AT&T? And aren't these the same folks who couldn't keep their old network working worth a darn years ago long before iPhone was born? I was a trapped Cellular One customer years ago, then a trapped Cingular customer. I left when my contract expired because at precisely 4pm everyday, my cell phone stopped receiving calls from land lines, because their network was too swamped to handle the traffic then! They kept feeding me "Barbara Streisand " they were fixing the problem. This was 10 years ago. I guess they, they're still trying to fix the problem. Let's face it, the problem will never go away. Give it up.

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