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The digital revolution of the education system has yet to really take off. Many students communicate with their teachers via email and have figured out how to use word processors (instead of typewriters), but the widespread use of technology in classrooms hasn't exactly caught on. Cool projects like the Khan Academy are starting to ramp up, but introducing cheap laptops or ebooks into public schools hasn't met with wild success. (Though, if you've heard of any inspiring programs, let us know in the comments.) By the way, StumbleUpon can recommend some good Techdirt articles, too.

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    CJ (profile), 18 Apr 2012 @ 9:35pm

    Re: Re:

    I believe another word for this is "Kitchen science" well actually two words. But yes they need more of this in the classroom. My son was the last to see this in his classroom. They built a rocket and the lower grades cheered them on on test day. Remember the classroom volcano? The following weekend I remember building that thing in my kitchen. The whole family was thrilled until it was time to clean up. Lucky for me everyone still had a smile on their face. And those science kits you could purchase that could put you in the hospital if you wasn't careful? All of those are learning experiences that you don't hear about anymore.

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