Now Wi-Lan Sues Everyone Over Bluetooth Patents

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Remember Wi-Lan? The failed Canadian company reinvented itself as a patent nuisance, claiming that WiFi violated its patents, leading to it suing a bunch of companies all at once. That strategy seems to be working, so now its claiming that Bluetooth also violates Wi-Lan patents and has sued another 19 companies for infringement. The list includes Apple, Dell, Intel, HP and others. And, of course, the lawsuit was filed in East Texas -- and Wi-Lan is claiming willful infringement, demanding treble damages. Same story, different day.

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    Dark Helmet (profile), 9 Apr 2010 @ 6:19am

    Re: haha on americans

    Okay, I've tried to ignore this for as long as possible, but I'm jacked up on Starbucks and Camels.

    Attention no-talent assclown: America is a divided nation. On any given topic, you have maybe 60% of a majority in any given direction. We also have a storied tradition here of people who are smart enough to love and respect their land and country while still recognizing its problems. Your constant insults at America are stupid, not because America is oh-so-better than anyone else, but because EVERY country has problems. That we have been the 400 lb. gorilla with some idiot leaders recently puts us in the spotlight, but we are by no means the worst nation, the Great Satan, or any of the rest of the meaningless drivel that gets tossed around about us.

    Besides the real evils out there that control all this crap aren't really American, or of any other nation for that matter. They're international allegiance-less crooks.

    Ease up on the anti-America garbage. Like the Catholic Church, you can disagree w/our idealogy, you can point it out when we screw the pooch (which we definitely do at times), but we still do far more good than bad in this world....

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