North Face Decides South Butt Lawsuit Is Not Worth Exploring

from the that's-where-they-stop-exploring dept

The lawsuit between North Face and South Butt sure was entertaining (especially the filings by South Butt's lawyer). However, with the North Face getting some pretty bad publicity over its tactics, which seemed to focus more on embarrassing the founder of the South Butt and his father, it looks like the North Face has realized this was one lawsuit not worth exploring.

Late Friday, the two sides settled -- and while the terms of the settlement appear to be under wraps, there's no indication that the South Butt is going away any time soon:
The most recent post on South Butt's Facebook page, meawhile, states that founder Jimmy Winkelmann, a freshman biomedical engineering student at the University of Missouri, was "partying hard in Panama City with South Butt." Watkins said the settlement did not prevent his client from handing out merchandise while in Florida on spring break.

"Jimmy was down in Panama City having a great deal of fun, enjoying a number of young ladies who enjoyed themselves donning and sporting South Butt wear," Watkins says. "He immediately returned to Panama City to give away many more T-shirts."
Just imagine how much better things would have worked out if the North Face hadn't lawyered up over this, but had simply talked to the South Butt guys and worked out a friendly deal in the first place?

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  1. identicon
    Julia Havey, 8 Apr 2010 @ 5:34am

    Albert Watkins

    Northface backed down when they realized that while little Jimmy Winkleman may be naive,young and wet behind the ears that he managed to find the legal equivalent to a PittBull to do his fighting in the legal ring that NorthFace choose to force him to defend himself.

    America was built by creativity and entrepreneurism. For an industry giant to try to bury this kid was wrong. No one with a functioning brain would have confused buying warm mountain climbing gear with a fun parody. Winkelman should thank NorthFace as he ultimately sell more goods than had NorthFace stuck to what they do best.

    I for one won't be as likely be buy NorthFace now, in fact, I think my favorite Under Armor could use some parody, Jimmy, how about your next line....Under Amore sexy lingerie?

    Albert Watkins has been my attorney for years, taking on another giant when every personal injury attorney in St. Louis turned me down, despite my daughter spending 7 days in the ICU, under going 5 surgeries and a 8 inch gash on her 10 inch forearm and $45,000 in medical bills. All from a for profit restaurant play area fall. Sadly I was told "a white kid from West County would never win this case and _____ would spend millions making sure they didn't lose.

    Well thankfully Albert Watkins has balls, large brass balls to quote him and he isn't afraid to use them to fight for the underdog.

    Lawyers in general may have a bad rep but Albert Watkins is poetic, honorable and loves law because of the true justice that it is suppossed to bring the injured party.

    Albert, well done my friend. From all of us underdogs, YOU ROCK!

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