If File Sharing Is Costing Hollywood So Much Money, Why Do They Want To Pay So Little To Stop It?

from the hell,-that's-the-penalty-on-a-single-movie dept

A bunch of folks have sent over the story that TorrentFreak posted about Warner Bros. UK looking to hire a technology-savvy student for a year to be on its "anti-piracy" team. The job involves finding file sharing sites, monitoring them, and sending takedown notices. Fun stuff. But what caught my eye is that the job pays £17,500 for 12 months (or about $26,000). Considering that the industry pushes to fine people more than that amount per file shared, it certainly seems to be cheaping out to offer so little to the knowledgeable student they're hiring. If file sharing is really "costing" the industry so much, wouldn't the industry actually pay well to stop it?

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  1. identicon
    NUKE intellectual property, 30 Mar 2010 @ 12:37pm

    GOOD stop

    OMG we want you too, why?
    example lets say im a pirate
    am i pirating stuff form 2000 on OR
    am i pirating pre lawsuit age stuff more?

    GO find out the results will startle the best of you.
    THE best 'stuff' comes from before all the stupidity began and now tha all they have are lawyers runnign things the creativity is dying, the writers are shit for brains and nohting original comes.
    LOOK at all the remakes they do:
    plant of the apes
    clash of the titans
    and so on
    and every remake actually isnt that good , if it weren't for special affects....they'd flop.
    and how many more batman movies do i have too endure?

    id rather as an adult watch the justice league animated series form 2 decades ago....

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