Facebook Threatens Greasemonkey Script Writer

from the but-it's-in-the-browser dept

Another day, another abusive bullying attempt. This time, it's Facebook, which is apparently trying to bully the maker of a Greasemonkey script that cleans up your Facebook live feed by removing annoying app notices (such as all the crap your friends are doing in Farmville and Mafia Wars). It sounds quite useful. Originally, the script was called Facebook Purity, and Facebook complained about the trademark issue (a stretch... but perhaps you could see the company's point). So the guy changed the name to Fluff Busting Purity. No trademark issue at all. But Facebook is still complaining. The thing is, this is a Greasemonkey user script -- meaning that everything happens in the user's browser -- which Facebook has no claim over. If you tell your browser to ignore certain things on a website, that should be your choice. This add-on is there to help people who want it, such that it makes Facebook more useful to them. It's too bad that as Facebook gets bigger, we're hearing more and more stories of this kind of bullying activity.

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  1. identicon
    GreaseMonkeyRocks, 28 Apr 2010 @ 1:12pm

    Facebook script best thing ever

    I must say that I love the unf**kfacebook script is best script ever written it cleans up all the useless junk that face book has on their website it is nice that i can get rid of all the annoyances from face book and bring it back to how it use to be when it started with almost no app notifications. Face-book should just have an option to remove all those apps from your account including all the tracking information that these apps provide when installed by users. First face-book had horribly privacy agreement which was slightly improved and now they try to bully a guy that has made face-book experience better at lest for me I am sure other users out there as well. How can you punish someone who created a script that is harmless and improves usability and look of face book.

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