If Lindsay Lohan Deserves Any Money From E*Trade, It's Probably For Making Its Ad So Popular

from the milkaholics-anonymous dept

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Lindsay Lohan's bizarre lawsuit against E*Trade over a commercial with a talking baby named Lindsay that Lohan insisted was actually supposed to be her... mainly due to a reference to her being a "milkaholic." This resulted in a series of interesting points -- including the fact that many, many, many people who saw the commercial made absolutely no association with Lohan at all, especially given that Lindsay is a decently popular name. But, many people also wondered if this was really some bizarre marketing scheme for both E*Trade and Lohan -- and if that's true, then it worked. m3mnoch points out that the commercial in question shot to the top of the "most viewed online commercial" list. I doubt that E*Trade will owe any money to Lohan for the lawsuit, but perhaps it should pay up for the "ad placement."

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  1. identicon
    NAMELESS.ONE, 26 Mar 2010 @ 9:18am

    is this drug addict still around

    go be a hooker like you are ....lindsay haha

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