Hulu Continues To Shoot Self In Foot: Blocks More Browsers

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Hulu, at the behest of its corporate masters, continues to shoot itself in the foot and make it an increasingly less useful platform. Last year, Hulu got a lot of attention for blocking Boxee, a specialized browser to show internet video on a computer-connected television. Hulu was apologetic about it, but admitted that it was pressured to do this by its owners (though, NBC boss Jeff Zucker appears to have lied to Congress about NBC's role in this). However, it didn't stop there. Hulu, it seems, is hellbent on trying to block any browser it doesn't like from showing its content. It's blocked the PS3's browser and mobile browsers as well.

The latest is that it wasted almost no time before blocking the new Kylo browser from Hillcrest labs that, like Boxee, was designed to better format the content for television.

This is typical short-sighted thinking from the likes of NBC bosses who are bizarrely afraid that people might watch authorized television shows on their television. Of course, the real fear is that if people start doing this, the cable and satellite companies might start losing business, meaning that they'll pay a lot less to NBC to carry their shows. This is such typical thinking from NBC execs, who seem to go out of their way to pretend that they can hold people back from doing what they want, because it doesn't agree with NBC's increasingly obsolete business model. So instead of letting people watch authorized content, with very high paying advertising, they're instead driving people to get the content through unauthorized means. It's bizarre that anyone could think this is a smart idea -- but, then again, we're talking about NBC management here. They think that downloading movies is hurting the American corn farmer... so logic has never really been a strong suit.

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  1. icon
    ECA (profile), 24 Mar 2010 @ 12:59am

    Its not the idea.

    The idea is to GET YOUR PROGRAMS INFRONT of the customer.
    If the corps dont want the service, WHO CARES.
    Those that USE it will figure things out.
    They will find ways, BETTER WAYS to make things work.

    What is funny, is that CBS and NBC are pulling ALL content off Other sites..
    TRYING to use their OWN systems.
    There OWN PROPRIETARY FORMATS, to gain ADVERT dollars.

    Funny thing,
    The Big corps are NOT supposed to make money from adverts.
    They SELL the programs to OTHERS to show. The adverts are to the RENTERS of the program. who them PAY to broadcast them.
    They are NOT supposed to make money on adverts. but OTHER companies CAN. such as the NET site, being setup by OTHER THEN the corp.
    Fun isnt it..
    NOW think of the OLD programs that are sitting in VAULTS, ROTTING. Thank GOD for the net.

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