Sweden Says It Won't Agree To ACTA If It Requires Any Changes To Swedish Or EU Laws

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While US negotiators keep insisting that ACTA won't change US law, they're perfectly willing to admit that's not the case for other countries. That's why much of what the US is insisting on in ACTA looks like the US's quite problematic existing copyright law (minus a few consumer protections and with some "hints" at stricter compliance). However, it looks like at least some countries aren't interested in taking dictation from the US when it comes to their own copyright laws. Henrik Moltke points out that Swedish officials are saying they simply won't agree to ACTA if it requires any changes to Swedish or EU laws. Of course that "or EU laws" part is tricky. What if it requires changes to EU law, and that impacts Sweden even without agreeing to ACTA? Still, it's nice to see some countries standing up and publicly stating they won't be bullied by the US into copying (wait, weren't ACTA supporters calling that "stealing?") US copyright law.

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  1. identicon
    OK I'll try to repost it, 5 Mar 2010 @ 12:15am

    Re: Throwing a bone: A serious idea for a MBA/JD/PH.d Thesis.

    You owe me.

    Problems with almost every US content company listed on the ACTA NDA:

    1. Conflict of interest: Waiting for a Democratic Administration to ask US Leadership for help with inability to take risks within their own business.

    2. Disconnection between top-level business leaders and middle management: Allocating capital blindly to legal efforts without asking middle management or end consumers about value creation.

    Most of this comes from top-management's arrogance of quantifying the unquantifiable.

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