Danish Politicians Questioning Why Denmark Is So Against ACTA Transparency

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One of the really amazing things in witnessing the reactions among various politicians to the ACTA negotiations is realizing how out of the loop they are as well. They're often just as angry that things are being done in the name of their country that they have no visibility into. Of course, this adds to the impression that this whole process is not about figuring out what's best for the people of each country, but an end run around the democratic lawmaking process, pushed mainly by big industries (led by the entertainment and pharmaceutical industries).

So, with last week's leak showing that Denmark was one of the countries that was most against transparency for ACTA negotiations, Danish free culture activists like Henrik Moltke have been speaking up, going on TV and questioning why Denmark is being the transparency roadblock. And it appears to be working.

Danish politicians are questioning why Denmark is so against ACTA transparency:
"It is news to me that Denmark is so close to the negotiations. And it's pretty shocking that Denmark should have taken the position that you actually want to give priority to secrecy," said Morten Messerschmidt, a member of the European Parliament
Messerschmidt has gone on to say that he's going to demand that Denmark support a more transparent ACTA process, and it appears that some other Danish politicians are agreeing as well.

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    vivaelamor (profile), 3 Mar 2010 @ 4:51pm


    Hear, hear. They might as well be saying 'less opaque'.

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