Metallica Sued Napster For This?

from the pound-foolish dept

David Levine has a post up looking at Metallica's revenue streams last year. Apparently, the band made the vast majority of its money from concert revenue -- bringing in $22.8 million. It made $1.6 million from album sales. As Levine notes:
Hmmm...think it would make a lot of difference to the world if they lost the $1.6 million from the albums? Without copyright they'd only make $22.8 million from touring...You might almost think it would be worth it to them to give the recorded music away for free to promote their concerts...
Or, hell, give away the tracks and promote other stuff as well. Selling music directly (relying on copyright) is a tiny business compared to the opportunities elsewhere. And, of all the bands out there, Metallica should clearly recognize that.

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    kryptonianjorel (profile), 1 Mar 2010 @ 6:24pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    Remember, there aren't a whole lot of small bands out there that are any good. I'm not saying that most small bands aren't good, just that if they are, they usually sell out to a record company, and then they become 'big bands'.

    On the other hand, there are plenty of big bands who aren't any good, and the record label messed up by signing them; these bands often stop being big bands, or just aren't very successful.

    I guess its time for some bands to admit to themselves that they aren't good enough to get rich and famous off their music. I'm all for music diversity, but some bands need to except that their music will never have a big following. Maybe they might even get a decent following, but people don't consider them good enough to go to their concerts or buy their swag.

    Small bands that are excellent, and that promote themselves via CwF + RtB type ideas will get known and will make money. This obviously won't work with small bands that are only good, just like the traditional model doesn't work with big bands that are only 'good', since every week we leave behind one hit wonders.

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