Metallica Sued Napster For This?

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David Levine has a post up looking at Metallica's revenue streams last year. Apparently, the band made the vast majority of its money from concert revenue -- bringing in $22.8 million. It made $1.6 million from album sales. As Levine notes:
Hmmm...think it would make a lot of difference to the world if they lost the $1.6 million from the albums? Without copyright they'd only make $22.8 million from touring...You might almost think it would be worth it to them to give the recorded music away for free to promote their concerts...
Or, hell, give away the tracks and promote other stuff as well. Selling music directly (relying on copyright) is a tiny business compared to the opportunities elsewhere. And, of all the bands out there, Metallica should clearly recognize that.

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    cody, 30 Mar 2010 @ 5:50am


    So true. It's like, just because they make a lot of money, does not mean they don't have a right to protect their creations. And also, it was more that it was before it was even released, which has other possible adverse effects.

    I don't agree necessarily with suing fans, but the fact remains they had a right to do it, just as much as hollywood for a movie being downloaded. That said, some laws are a bit silly (making a backup copy for self, for example, last I knew is illegal - which is plain old stupid).

    Nevertheless, Metallica may have made some mistakes and may have made a crappy album (eg St Anger) but they have made a huge impact of the metal scene, made many incredible albums, put on great shows, and even positively changed many many fans lives (myself included). Let's not even forget the charities they participate in!

    People just want a scapegoat and by pointing fingers and blaming for something that you could blame the fans for even (right or wrong), well that is just ignoring the real issue and not helping anything or anyone. Hell, even back in early days (Ride the Lightning) they were called sell outs.

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