Metallica Sued Napster For This?

from the pound-foolish dept

David Levine has a post up looking at Metallica's revenue streams last year. Apparently, the band made the vast majority of its money from concert revenue -- bringing in $22.8 million. It made $1.6 million from album sales. As Levine notes:
Hmmm...think it would make a lot of difference to the world if they lost the $1.6 million from the albums? Without copyright they'd only make $22.8 million from touring...You might almost think it would be worth it to them to give the recorded music away for free to promote their concerts...
Or, hell, give away the tracks and promote other stuff as well. Selling music directly (relying on copyright) is a tiny business compared to the opportunities elsewhere. And, of all the bands out there, Metallica should clearly recognize that.

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  1. identicon
    cody, 30 Mar 2010 @ 5:14am


    Right. Obviously they make a huge income on concerts. Big duh if you actually are a fan or have seen the crowd (in states at least: 75 per floor, 50 per seats, not counting what ticketmaster rips you off for - and frankly, that is a good price for the quality of show and even compared to other bands [maybe not all but some]).

    I don't agree with the Napster issue but not one person here has never made a mistake, huge ones at that - Lars' biggest mistake was that, and he learned from it (there is evidence of this, not only in quotes but attitude). Example: he welcomed a leak for Death Magnetic (a shop in I believe France sold it early and then it got on Internet).

    The fact is also they were always pro-bootleg. They still are, and the reason they charge for the show downloads is maintanance (think of bandwidth they use). It's true they should not have sued fans, but if nothing else I guess they did do a favour to smaller artists and face it - someone would have done it eventually (hell, look at the pirate bay as one example). I for one am happy they provide shows as the venues here are very strict (Plus I don't have recording equip anyway).

    As for St. Anger. Blah. As James said: they needed to make that to get past their troubles. That's how it goes sometimes. I didn't really enjoy St. Anger but the tour was still awesome, and then Death Magnetic came ...

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