Should YouTube Allow Artful Nudity?

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The EFF and the National Coalition Against Censorship are apparently asking YouTube to consider changing its policy with regards to nudity. Apparently, it will allow nudity if the video is from a film or TV show -- but not if it's user generated videos made for YouTube. Separately, YouTube suggests it will allow nudity with "some educational, documentary and scientific content, but only if that is the sole purpose of the video and it is not gratuitously graphic." The problem, according to the EFF and NCAC, is that there is no exception for work that is artistic in nature, and apparently YouTube recently removed the videos of a well-known artist, Amy Greenfield, for violating the "no nudity" policy. Now, this isn't actually a "censorship" issue, since YouTube is a private site, and not the government. So, honestly, I don't see any problem with YouTube deciding that it doesn't want that particular content on its site, but there is a separate issue raised here -- which is that, once again, the real issue is Google's lack of customer service -- something we've seen a lot of lately. One of the complaints is that Greenfield's videos were taken down with no recourse and no method for her to communicate with folks at YouTube to talk about getting them back online.

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  1. identicon
    Artiewhitefox, 28 Jan 2013 @ 8:38am

    This headline is seen on the web page WEBUPON.
    "Sex and Porn Videos are Being Allowed on Youtube" "Webupon"
    I thought that Youtube was repenting of being a consuming monster chomping of furry videos, and banning harmless loving christlike people that harm no one from youtube. The hater in this instance is Youtube acting like the troll I report doing bad to me and others with Youtube banning the malicious hater. How can Youtube not be equally malicious in their hatred? Youtube is acting like the trolls I report to be banned. YouTube is being unequal. The devil is unequal.
    Soon after reading the headline on WEBUPON Youtube treated the nude,nand sexual videos like a marksman shoots clay pidgins. Youtube is a malicious hater of natural things ending up hating their own natural nude sexual body.
    People need to start loving their own bodies. When that happens people will stop treating the furry videos like a target at a shooting gallery.

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