Redbox Caves To Warner Bros., Will Delay New Movie Releases From Kiosks

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Some of the movie studios (admittedly, not all of them) have been on a braindead fight against Redbox -- despite the fact that Redbox had created a service that people liked and were paying for and that generated revenue for the movie industry. There are still ongoing lawsuits, but today came the news that Redbox caved to Warner Bros., on the most important point: delaying the availability of new release movies until 28 days after the release. Yes, this is the same deal that Warner Bros. convinced Netflix to agree to last month. Basically, Warner Bros. is telling people to either not rent its video or to download them from an unauthorized source.

The whole thing makes no sense at all. Warner Bros. mistakenly thinks that if people can't rent a particular DVD in the first four weeks of release, they're more likely to shell out money to actually buy the DVD. This is Warner Bros. pretending that it can influence customer behavior by denying them what they want. That's a strategy that has never worked well. What this means is that at the moment when Warner Bros. actually puts some marketing effort behind the DVD release, that movie will not be available from the most popular rental options. And, the bizarre reasoning put forth by Netflix that this would benefit customers by improving inventory and availability of movies is not seen in reality. So rather than pissing off some customers because a movie is not available, you're now pissing off all customers by making the movie not be available on purpose, and then effectively massively increasing the amount of time they have to wait to see the movie? Does no one at Warner realize that a lot of those "customers" will simply decide to go see other movies or to download an unauthorized copy instead?

Based on Warner Bros., logic here, why release movies at all?

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  1. icon
    markryder (profile), 18 Feb 2010 @ 11:25am

    when are you stupid people ever going to learn NO NOT WARNER ..YOU CUSTOMERS

    You really think as customers you’re all that?
    You really think you have the power to control rights owners like you are so needed.
    When are you people (customers) going to learn you’re just a minority of complainers and you think you run things?
    Why do you think companies protect and control their copyrights?
    Your comments are ignorant when you say things like 'how stupid warners are' like the little customer you are, doing your 9-5 or signing on the dole, but you know best?

    You call them stupid and you act like you: the customer" is in control.

    Wake up people your nothing but 1 customer and you are either going to play the game the company wants or your going to go else where and the 'company' is not crying about your 1 little payment
    You are far smaller than your internet replies make you feel because there are millions of people who do follow what ever rules the owners of the products want to set so thinking your all that is for your own ego, because your not!

    if you take that final choice of stealing others protected products than you’re not only a small insignificant, you’re also a thief.

    Complain like you have power but you have nothing but $9.00 for the film and the big companies won't miss your tiny contribution or take your small minded advice on how your will just steal it from a torrent or go somewhere else. I can almost see them reading your stupid comments and laughing and telling jokes about how they need to get your personal sale

    Oh dear did I burst your tiny bubble and now you realise all your stupid advice about how you know best is actually laughable. Look at yourself what do you really know and how do you have the inside track on the rights holders and they don't know what they are doing..please you make yourselves sound so stupid!
    There problem is not little people like you who talk like you know something but actually don't.
    The only problem to rights holders is the thieving community which is and always has been the traits of the lowest of low life and that’s a totally different thing to deal with than some over self important customers

    Mark Ryder

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