EU Has A 'Public/Private' IP Observatory To Watch For Copyright Infringement Online

from the how's-that-work? dept

Bas Grasmayer points us to a blog post by Christian Engstrom, an EU Parliament member (yes, from the Pirate Party) who notes that while he was in a committee trying to address whether or not an "IP Observatory" should be created, he discovered it already existed. The Observatory appears to have been set up not to promote progress or even to make sure that intellectual property was a net benefit, but instead it appears to just start from the unproven premise that of course it's a net benefit, and thus it's only focus should be on stomping out infringement. And, of course, it appears that most participants are actually from industry, with a few "nominated representatives from Member States" along for the ride to give the Observatory a sheen of legitimacy as a quasi-gov't organization, even though it appears like just another industry association. Engstrom finds the whole thing baffling:
So much for the involvement of the European Parliament on this issue. We have been invited to hold an exchange of views in the JURI committee, and we are currently spending time on drafting a resolution on if and how the IP Observatory should be set up.

But before we (the parliament) were invited to join the discussion, the decision had already been taken, and the IP Observatory had already been set up and started working. It's just that the representative of the Commission forgot to mention this detail when she was presenting the initiative to the JURI committee.
Government for the people?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 12 Feb 2010 @ 12:00pm

    Instead of looking at the "glass half empty", why not look at the "glass half full". Who knows, maybe someone might be able to gather data relevant to the many legitimate uses of P2P.

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