Research Shows Unauthorized Digital Books Leads To 'Significant Jump In Sales'

from the well,-look-at-that dept

We've seen this before, with individual authors like Paulo Coelho and David Pogue, who both found that as more people were able to get unauthorized copies of their ebooks, their sales actually increased. So, this shouldn't come as a surprise, but some new research looking at the impact on sales of unauthorized files getting out found a "significant jump in sales" (found via Michael Scott):
Brian O'Leary discussed his firm's research on the effect on sales when a title finds its way into an unsanctioned online market. The findings -- a significant jump in sales -- have surprised many in the business.
To be fair, he does go on to say this doesn't mean just "don't worry about" unauthorized access. Instead, he says it's important to figure out what kind of unauthorized access helps sales and what kind hurts -- and that still needs to be studied. But, the early results certainly suggest that the stuff that helps quite often outweighs the stuff that hurts (sometimes by quite a bit).

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  1. identicon
    RD, 10 Feb 2010 @ 1:13pm

    TAMicide, Take 3...

    ooookay, something cut off my post twice, so going to try this without using reply:

    "give it away and pray DOESNT WORK!" - Mike says he doesn't like give it away and pray, for various reasons. It is a very risky way to do things."

    and you have ACCUSED mike of this, USING THESE WORDS, many times before. EVERY time Mike says he DOESNT, you wave it away as if he is either lying or you dont believe him. Yet when it HELPS your argument and you are called out on it, suddenly you AGREE with Mike, because it helps you "win" another point this particular time.

    "you cant make money with FREE!" - sort of a self evident stamement. There is no money in free. The only money is generated by other activities not related to free."

    Same argument. Mike has said "USE free!" many times, and YOU have been one to ignore that and claim he was advocating JUST FREE. Now, when the argument is turned against you WITH YOUR OWN WORDS, you are suddenly Mr Superior and AGREE with Mike that free should be a PART of the process, when you never otherwise do.

    "I could go on. But since you will just twist my words, why bother?"

    But you have said these very things, many times. There is incontrovertible proof of this. I dont have to twist any of your words when you damn yourself out of your own mouth. The fact that you then use "but you are twisting my words, so I dont need to reply, but I'll spend my days sticking my fat fucking nose into these posts anyway" as a way to get around really ANSWERING for yourself shows that you are nothing more than a mouthpiece shill and have no REAL points to make.

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