Awkward Stock Photo Blog Hit With DMCA Claim

from the awkward-indeed dept

Brad Hubbard writes "One of my favorite sites, received a legal nastygram claiming that by showing the stock photos from (and linking back, with watermark in place), they were violating copyright. What they were actually doing was driving tens of thousands of hits directly to the iStockPhoto site, and there is at least anecdotal evidence that they increased the number of purchases of these otherwise humorously bad photos.

Sounds to me like these are all perfect Fair Use examples, being stomped by a company that didn't like how its product was being used. That makes me sad, but it's the way things are in the world of harsh ownership."

The blog, if you didn't know, basically found awkward stock photo images, but did so in a very promotional way, linking back to the original, and always including the original watermark. In other words, it was helping to advertise some rather unique iStockPhoto images -- and as the site notes, lots of other sites have done the same -- and even received book deals for it. It seems like iStock's parent company, Getty Images, totally overreacted to a site that was only helping them, and not harming the company at all.

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  1. identicon
    Daniel, 8 Feb 2010 @ 7:34am

    Idiot People that don't understand the whole concept of laws

    Sorry, rant coming on here.

    This is such idiocy. Where is the law that says you can eat cornflakes? Where is the law that says you can breathe without a permit? Where is the law that says you can write stupid uninformed comments on a website?

    You don't need a law to ALLOW something. Laws restrict things. If you claim what the blog did was illegal, cite the law stating it is illegal. If there is no law preventing it, you've got no basis.

    It sickens me that people are allowed to talk without any understanding of how society and laws work, but sadly, there's no law preventing people from being dumb.

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