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by Mike Masnick

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Even The Recording Industry Is Criticizing ACS:Law/DigiProtect Pre-Settlement Letter Program

from the hammer-coming-down dept

With more and more attention being paid to the efforts by firms like ACS:Law and DigiProtect to profit from blasting out hundreds of thousands of letters demanding payment to avoid file sharing lawsuits (which almost never seem to actually get filed), it seems that the companies involved in such things may finally be facing some pretty serious criticism that could force them to curb the practice. First up, politicians. A few different UK officials are coming out loudly against ACS:Law, with some even suggesting that the firm's efforts are like a "scam" or "legal blackmail."

Meanwhile perhaps the most surprising of all is that BPI, the UK's version of the RIAA has also come out against the practice, saying that they don't feel it is appropriate. Perhaps it's not a huge surprise -- given that the clients of ACS:Law/DigiProtect have tended to be video game and porn producers rather than the recording industry. However, when even the recording industry finds your actions against file sharing too draconian, it suggests you've really stepped over the line. At some point, you get the feeling that ACS:Law is going to get slapped down legally.

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  1. icon
    Robb Topolski (profile), 1 Feb 2010 @ 11:11am

    Huh? Do I have this right?

    So ACS is working without the blessing of the copyright holders? Is it "pay up or we'll try to convince the BPI to sue you?"

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