Many Innocent Users Sent Pre-Settlement Letters Demanding Payment For Infringement

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We've already discussed how operations like DigiProtect and ACS:Law are operating a rather questionable business of purposely putting content online, tracking the IP addresses of anyone who downloads that content, and then sending letters demanding payment to avoid a lawsuit. While it's not clear if any of these lawsuits are ever filed, many people are frightened into just paying up, even if they've done nothing wrong. And, in fact, it appears that many innocent users are receiving these letters, in such a blanket campaign. While some may call it "collateral damage" if a small percentage of innocent people receive these letters, it's still quite problematic, and a highly questionable business practice.

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    PaulT (profile), 28 Jan 2010 @ 1:34am

    Re: Re:

    Ah, the siren call of the corporate shill. "I don't agree with the conculsion, he must be lying!"

    There's plenty of stories out there of innocent people being sued, from people who can't run the software (like a Mac user who was accused of sharing files with the Windows-only Kazaa) to those who don't even own a computer. Researchers managed to get a cease and desist letter for an IP assigned to a laser printer.

    But, all those people are lying, right? If they're accused, they must be guilty because nobody innocent ever gets accused! This is why people think you're an idiot. Occasionally, you stumble across an actual valid point, but at times like this you reveal yourself as a mere contrarian fool.

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