PayPal Suspends WikiLeaks Account Yet Again; Freezes Assets

from the no-payments-allowed dept

Wikileaks is an incredibly useful and important site, but there are many (mainly in the government) who would prefer it go away. It's somewhat upsetting to find out that PayPal has (for the second time) frozen all of WikiLeaks' assets. Apparently, the last time this happened it took nearly six months to resolve. That seems problematic:
Paypal has as of 23rd of January 2010 frozen WikiLeaks assets. This is the second time that this happens. The last time we struggled for more than half a year to resolve this issue. By working with the respected and recognized German foundation Wau Holland Stiftung we tried to avoid this from happening again -- apparently without avail.
Update: Wikileaks has now removed this message from its website, so it appears that things have been resolved. I'm a bit confused, however, as to why Wikileaks continues to use PayPal given this issue.

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  1. identicon
    killing lawyers and actors is great ..try it, 25 Jan 2010 @ 8:00am

    now how do they pay for the seedboxes

    and suddenly negative on PayPal?
    look hte real reason is some govt ass made noise a while back remember about wiki leaks?

    now it takes time for the govt to move on you and guess what
    they went for wiki leaks money

    yup no story hear just wiki leaks should have more then one means to get and receive donations.

    my bet hear is that its a multi pronged approach again and an attack to limit peoples freedoms again by obscurity

    the mpaa and riaa won't be satisfied people until they actually start causing people to rise up in revolution
    just remember what the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy said

    "and when the revolution came the lawyers were the first to go", i'll add then the actors and musicians that support the lawyer model.

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