Summit Entertainment Shuts Down Twilight Fanzine For Infringement

from the journalism-or-business dept

Rose M. Welch points us to the news that Summit Entertainment has won an injunction against the makers of a Twilight fanzine, claiming that the zine was not for journalistic purposes. A journalist would have a strong free speech claim on the right to make use of these photos (which were found on the "press" page for the movie itself), but Summit claims that the zine is not journalism, but a business. To be fair, it is true that the creators of the zine is a company that sells trading cards, but does that mean that a fanzine is suddenly no longer protected by the First Amendment? In an age when who is and who is not a journalist has become a lot more complicated, it seems like a pretty questionable decision to put an injunction on a publisher just because they have a good business model. Separately, it's worth pointing out that Summit is being pretty ridiculous here in shutting down a zine for fans. Stop trying to punish fans and focus on giving them what they want.

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  1. icon
    Dark Helmet (profile), 25 Jan 2010 @ 9:35am


    "YES!!! GO after your FANS!"

    Reminds me of my favorite line from Clerks:

    "This job would be great if it wasn't for the fucking customers..."

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