Once Again, Google's Customer Service Is Becoming An Issue

from the this-again? dept

We've had a whole string of stories in the last few months about communication problems from Google -- from users getting locked out of their documents to advertisers banned with no explanation or recourse to a blogger who went six months trying to get Google to turn back on a blog that it had shut down. I've heard from a few Google folks, noting that they recognize it's an issue, and it's something that some people within Google are trying to deal with. But given all of these problems on "smaller" issues, perhaps it's no surprise that there's been an outcry over the poor customer service people are receiving after purchasing Nexus One phones from the company.

Google does lots of things really well. But, clearly, customer service is not one of them. And while its massive success can hide (or at least minimize) the impact of such poor customer service, at some point it's really going to begin to hurt, unless Google finally wakes up to the fact that when people have problems, they want to be able to reach out to a human being who will listen to them, hear what they have to say and (hopefully) help. Some have claimed that this is just not Google's culture -- and perhaps that's the case, but at some point that cultural flaw may cause much larger headaches.

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  1. identicon
    Adwords customer, 19 Jan 2011 @ 9:19am

    I hate Google

    We're a brand new company and already spending $5k monthly for adwords. Google suddenly cut our ads -WITHOUT ANY WARNING- because our landing page 'violated' their landing page policies. I've read all the forums, both Google's and others', have used all possible validation tools and found nothing. I am positive that it is not our fault.

    They suck at customer service. They won't reply to emails sent from help pages. They don't put up phone numbers for most of the countries they are present in. If you somehow find their office phone number, they would lie that it's not a Google office (true story-I don't know why they do it). And the worst is you are stuck to them and the traffic they send to you - and they make you feel it!

    This is worst-practice B2B. I just hate doing business with them. Way to go 'do-no-evil' !!!

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