Halt...In The Name Of The MPAA/RIAA/FBI/NSA! [Updated: Hoax]

from the you're-in-trouble-now dept

See update below. GeneralEmergency writes "I was performing a Google search on the phrase "this website has been closed" recently, and the sixteenth result was a link to http://vxbinaca.beevomit.org/party_van/ where you get treated to the following (which you may want to read before clicking):
"This website has been closed by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, in association with the United States National Security Agency, the Motion Picture Association of America, and the Recording Industry Association of America; pending a federal investigation.

Your visit to this URL has been logged. Please stay where you are. You will be contacted for questioning regarding the investigations related to this website. Any attempt to evade questioning will be considered obstruction of justice, and is subject to fines and imprisonment, pursuant to 18USC1510(a).

The owner(s) of this site will no longer be available for comment. For inquiries or if you wish to assist in this investigation, please contact:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Attention: Internet Investigation Unit
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Room 7350
Washington, DC 20535

(202) 324-3000

My first thought was, "OK....Ummm...Wait for how long? I was really thinking about going to Lowes this afternoon for a new tube of Loctite."

But the more I thought about this apparent method of "Honey Pot Trap" investigation, assuming it is genuine, the more silly this seems. If they were serious about this site being an investigatory tool, you would think that they would have the basic internet common sense to use a robots.txt file to keep Google (and other polite netizens) from indexing the site. Moreover, it only takes one guy like me to stumble across a site like this, post it's URL elsewhere obfuscated as a TinyURL, and their little honeypot get overrun with ants!

If the F.B.I. is not serious about this method as an investigation tool, then why put up silly threats like this?

You can also find plenty of other sites that Google says contain the text string "This website has been closed by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation."

Guess I'm in big trouble now! I'll let you know if any suits show up on my doorstep!"

I actually don't believe this is a honey pot at all. Just a bogus threat tactic. It's the same message that goes up on every file sharing site that eventually gets taken down. Four years ago, we wrote about the same message on the front of Grokster's site. It's a blatant (and bogus) scare tactic, and pretty ridiculous as well. It is a bit silly that (1) the FBI and NSA allow their names to be posted with the RIAA and MPAA (2) that they imply just visiting the site is somehow illegal and worthy of being logged followed by a "visit" and (3) that they somehow think this is effective. Update: As pointed out in the comments, the particular site singled out above is a hoax... but really isn't all that different from the site that actually did go up on the Grokster page...

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  1. icon
    GeneralEmergency (profile), 21 Jan 2010 @ 2:09am

    Re: Re:

    Yes! Yes! I admit it! (And thank God this is finally out in the open.)

    It -is- true. Mike Masnick is merely a puppet in my tangled web of schemes within schemes. A lackey to do my bidding! When you hear that CTU ringtone on his cellphone go off...that's me calling with marching orders.

    My influence and control over Mikes editorial content is so complete and pervasive, I had Mike make changes to this very post SIX times. Each time, making it more powerful and slyly convincing. Can you feel it as these words bend your will and errode your confidence?

    And for you my AC friend...In my benevolence I shall not upend your life with misfortune and destitution, but instead leave you with this sage advice from the Great Actor Warren Oates:


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